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Online Booking

Just a hot tip: If you had the “Aero Patient 2” app you now need to upgrade to the “Aero Patient 3” app. It is a much nicer platform to use for online booking then the website option. The clinic url is

NOTICE April 17, 2023: There have been updates to the booking platform, you may be prompted to make changes.

Your email, cell phone & birthdate must match what is in our records for the login to work, please email ( if you can’t login.

You can now search for appointments and book appointments yourself!

Book within the next 30 days, cancel existing appointments or confirm them prior to attending. These are 10 or 15 minute appointment spots only, which means 1 reason visits. Please choose an in-clinic or televisit appointment, they have different names depending on the doctor. Some say “physical exam”, some say “consult”, these are all the same as a regular in-clinic appointment. Don’t let the wording trip you up.

For longer appointments (Physicals, PAP’s, Mental Health, Driver’s Medical and other paperwork appointments etc you must call the front desk to book).

You cannot make an appointment online within 6 hours of the actual appointment time. For urgent attendances or appointments in the next 6 hours or in 30 days from current day, please call us directly (250-331-0500).

These bookings are online and immediate. Appointments booked online must be at least 5 days from an existing appointment. If you cannot find a suitable appointment time, please call us because not all available times can be booked online.

Please be aware Did Not Attend appointments will result in a $50 no show charge.


Online Booking