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Unit E 310 8 th Street
Courtenay, BC V9N 1N3

Electronic Consent 

At ValleyCare Medical we are advancing with current medical clinic technologies to communicate with patients in new ways, when necessary. We are currently updating patient’s mobile numbers, preferred pharmacy and email addresses. This is to move forward with, text reminders for appointments, video conferencing links sent via email and your preferred pharmacy for e-faxing your prescription. 

We ask that you please read and fill out the attached form to consent to all or some of these options.  



              Electronic Consent 


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Meet the Team

The ValleyCare Medical Clinic Team provides full-service Family Medicine / General Practice including preventative care, chronic disease management, minor surgery, third party medicals and other non-insured services. To view the doctors' schedules click here.  ...

COVID-19 Vaccine

Register to get vaccinated by following the button below, or call the number listed. The Island Health number to call as of September 2021 is 1-833-838-2323  This post will be updated as more information becomes available, please check back for...


ValleyCare Medical Clinic

are you accepting new patients?

We are not currently accepting new patients.

How do I book appointments?

Non urgent appointments should be booked with your own family doctor well in advance. Our staff will ask you the reason for your visit to ensure that your appointment is booked appropriately. If you have a chronic condition that requires regular follow-up, we encourage you to book your next appointment before you leave the office. Receptionists will provide you with an appointment confirmation sheet.

Please inform us if you need to complete a form, or report an accident that is an ICBC or Work-safe BC claim. Upon arrival at the clinic, the receptionist will ask that you complete an accident report for the physician before your visit.

You also can book short appointments online now. The link is at the top of this home page.

Please bring your MSP Personal Health Number (PHN) with you at each visit as we periodically check to make sure our information is up to date.

What if I need to be seen urgently?

Each doctor has a limited number of Urgent Care (Rapid Access) appointments available each day to accommodate patients with a new or urgent problem. These are short appointments for one concern, and are scheduled for the same day you call in. Please call early in the morning to book an urgent care appointment.

What if I can't get an appointment and need to be seen right away?

Jack Nathan Walk-In Clinic at Walmart is an option for daytime. The walk in should not be used for regular follow-up appointments or for conditions that do not need immediate medical attention. We encourage you to try to get an appointment with your family doctor at ValleyCare before going to a walk-in clinic. For after hours care, the Comox Valley After Hours Urgent Care Clinic is open at a new location May 1, 2023. 615 10th Street (Comox Valley Nursing Centre), evenings and weekends.

Do you offer phone consults?

Yes, your physician will be offering virtual and phone appointments. At this appointment the need for further assessment or next steps will be determined.

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

We kindly ask that appointments be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. For missed appointments or cancellations with less than 4 hours notice, a $50 no show/late cancellation fee will apply. 

How should I prepare for my visit?
The most challenging part of family practice is thoroughly addressing all of your problems in one visit. While we do not believe in enforcing the “one problem per visit” because we believe your time is just as valuable as ours, a regular office visit is 10 minutes (as we are only reimbursed by MSP for 1 problem per visit) and we like to stay on schedule as much as possible. Average wait times can be 15 to 30 minutes and we try our best to avoid longer wait times.

It is most helpful to us if you can present all of your concerns at the beginning of the visit so that we can determine which one is the most important that needs to be addressed urgently. If there is time available we will try to address other issues, but we may need to ask you to return for a follow-up visit. Good medicine takes time.

What makes family medicine unique is that what comes through our doors is unpredictable. So please understand that if your wait time is longer than usual, this is because we needed to spend more time with a sick or complex individual that either needed an urgent fit-in or an extended visit.

Will you call me with my lab results?
If your test results require action, then one of our staff will contact you. If you wish to review your results you are encouraged to make an appointment with your doctor. Results will not be given over the phone.
I just need my medication refilled, do I have to come in?

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has advised doctors that they need to review refills with patients to monitor side effects and effectiveness of the medication. You will be prescribed enough medication at your visit to last until we need to see you again, so please make sure that you make an appointment with your family doctor before your medication runs out. 

We do not routinely prescribe narcotics until all other treatment options are explored. For patients on long term narcotics, an opioid contract is the standard of care.

Can I get my lab work done at the clinic?

As of March 2023 this service is on-hold indefinitely. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please see our “lab check-in” link, further up this page, to book in at the Comox Valley Hospital lab, or go to LifeLabs on Cliffe & 17th.

Why is there a fee for certain things?
The Medical Services Plan (MSP) of British Columbia will not pay doctors for providing some services to patients. We will let you know when a service is not covered by MSP before providing this service. If you ask for, or need these services, you will be billed at a rate suggested by the Doctors of BC. You will be given a receipt.

Some common examples are: insurance forms, notes for work, driver’s medical exams, travel medicals or advice and disability forms. For a more detailed list of the services, please ask at reception.

This clinic is a teaching facility, what does that mean?
We are excited to be associated with the University of British Columbia Medical School and Department of Family Medicine, and there may be times when you will be seen by a resident or a medical student in addition to your family doctor. This training is a required part of their medical education, and a great way for you to support our future care givers. Do not worry, they are being supervised by a physician at all times, it is like getting two doctors for the price of one! Please note that you always have the right to decline to be part of this teaching arrangement.
What if I get admitted to the hospital?

If you are admitted to North Island Hospital Comox Valley and your doctor has hospital admitting privileges, he/she will manage or follow your care in hospital. If your doctor does not have admitting privileges, you will be seen by the Doctor on Call at the hospital. On holidays and weekends one of our doctors will be on call for all clinic patients whose doctors have admitting privileges.


Do you have locum doctors?

If your doctor is away on vacation or for other reasons, there may be a locum doctor taking care of their patients. These qualified doctors have been chosen by your doctor to take care of you. They will have access to your chart and your current medical conditions and plans.